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Globe"NextGenData for greater access and ease of communications."

NextGenData is a leading provider of IP-based services for the educational and business market. We are deploying the next generation of services to help educational institutions and enterprises look at voice and data convergence as a way to lower costs and deliver productivity-enhancing applications to the end users. We provide a unified approach that will allow you to derive the maximum business benefit from your communications setups.

  • Connect - Enterprise data center, Internet access and scalable transport network
  • Secure - Network monitoring and acceptable use compliance
  • Continuity - Unified communications and voice disaster recovery
  • Host - Managed hosting and collocation of equipment and services
  • Trunk - IP voice trunking for existing legacy and VoIP PBX integration
  • Remote - Unified dial-up and wireless (802.11, CDMA and GPRS) Internet access
  • EMail - Hosted email with best-in-class spam and antivirus filtering
  • The potential for being innovative and seizing the competitive edge is great for colleges, universities, school districts, and enterprise businesses; NextGenData provides the foundation for these services today.

 NextGenData offers competitive world-wide SIP and IAX2 termination services.
 Now Offering VoIP and Data Convergence Assessment and Intervention Services